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Secure Billing Update Form


This secure form is to be used for entering or updating the billing information on SonServers hosting accounts.


This data is collected through a secure certificate, encrypted and e-mailed to our office. Only we have the key and password to decrypt the information.


Billing Update Form


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Payment Methods


We offer three methods of billing for our hosting services. We may set up accounts, but will not order new domains until we have received payment. Fastest service will be through VISA/MasterCard or but we happily accept checks on U.S. banks, Money Orders, Western Union, etc.


Please check the preferred method of payment and fill in the additional information in that section.


    Method 1: Invoicing via e-mail and automatic payment with Visa/MasterCard. With this method, we will automatically bill your credit card at the beginning of each three month billing cycle and e-mail you an invoice for your records. To change or update credit cards, you can come back to this form and enter the new information. This method is our preferred choice and offers the fastest service.

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    Method 2: Invoicing via e-mail and manual payment by you.

      You can choose from two options for this method:

        Online through your account

        Your PayPal E-Mail Address:

        US Mail with check, money order, etc.


    Method 3: Invoicing sent through US Mail and you make payment with check, money order, etc. in return mail. ($0.50 fee/bill applies)


Thank you for choosing SonServers for your web hosting needs.

Please be sure you have selected the radio button beside the method you wish to be billed, and have entered the necessary data for that method. If we have any questions or need any more information, we will contact you shortly.


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      Thank You!