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    Blocks of 50 e-mail accounts at $1.00 per 50.

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This area is for entering the information about the person we are to contact about the account. This is not for billing information, but who we should contact regarding any server issues, upgrades, site problems, etc.


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We have three methods of payment for you to choose from. Fastest account setup will be through the use of VISA/MasterCard but we happily accept PayPal, Checks, Money Orders, and Western Union. If you prefer another method, please let us know and we will consider adding it as a convenience to you.


Please check the preferred method and fill in the requested information for that section:


    Method 1: E-mail/VISA/MasterCard If you choose to pay with credit card, we will charge your card and setup your account right away. When it is time for your next billing, we will automatically charge your card and send you a copy of the paid invoice for your records. We will continue to do this until you give us further instructions.


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    Method 2: E-Mail/Manual Payment If you choose this method, we will e-mail you an invoice and you will have the option to choose to pay online through your PayPal account or manually send a check/money order. You will be given 15 days to make payment. Late payments can result in suspended/closed accounts.


      Online via PayPal and your PayPal e-mail address is:

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    Method 3: US Mail/US Mail If the billing contact above can not receive email, we can send an invoice via U.S. mail and you can return payment via mail with check/money order. We will mail your invoice 20 days before it is due. Late payments can result in suspended/closed accounts.



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